What kind of clothes can I swap in The Swapshop?

You can hand in any fashion items for men and women that are still in good condition. Such as shoes, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, and clothes. In the winter we prefer to receive winter clothes and in the summer we prefer summer clothes. Our collection consists of a mix of vintage, designer, brand and even fast fashion. We aim to extend the lifecycle of all type of clothes. But we are the most excited about unique, pecial prints, natural fabrics and designer items. It’s the special ones that catch our eyes and breath. 🙂

We accept all clothes that are clean, undamaged, and not worn out. We ask you to only bring clothes that are in such a condition or of such a quality, that you could still wear them yourself.

What type of clothes are not accepted (yet) in The Swapshop?

We do not focus on children’s clothing yet, simply because we cannot focus on everything! Please do not bring children’s clothes to The Swapshop. And we do not accept socks and underwear, such as panties and mens underwear. We DO accept bralettes, bodies and cool swimwear. 

And please don’t bring your broken, dirty, damaged and worn out clothes to The Swapshop. If something is too worn-out for you, it is probably also too damaged for others. We will not give any points for those items. 

What happens to clothes that are handed in, but not swapped in The Swapshop? 

We aim to swap all the clothes that are brought to The Swapshop. We do not always complete this mission. Sometimes, these are clothes that are in good condition, but not for us because we already have a big amount of similar items in similar sizes. Or because they hang in the rocks for a long time, without finding a new owner. 

We still aim to extend the lifecycle of all our items. We do this through donation to people in need, as a base for the products of our new product line or recycling of the products in new materials. More information about these projects is presented on our website in the upcoming months.

Is swapping in The Swapshop for free? 

No. We work with two payment methods in The Swapshop.

First of all will you receive ‘swaps’ for the clothes you hand in. We give a value of 1, 3, 5, 10 or 20 swaps per item you hand in. The value of the clothes depends on the quality, fabric, brand, looks and feels and popularity of the item you hand in. A simple top might by worth 1 swap. A pair of dr. Martens leather boots is worth 20 swaps.  An average jeans is worth 5 points. A good Levi’s jeans is worth 10 points. If you fell in love with a swapped item, you ‘pay’ for this item with your swaps. Next to these swaps we ask a small service fee per swapped item. 

This service fee is the second payment method in The Swapshop. When you find items you wish to take home, you pay a servicefee next to the swaps. The servicefee is connected to the swap value of the clothes.  The service fee ranges between 1 euro and 15 euro. 

You always ‘pay’ with swaps AND servicefee for your purchases in The Swapshop. The service fee is necessary to keep our concept alive and kicking.  

Can I get a refund on my service fee?

No. We do not refund the service fee, because (as the term itself already states) the service fee is counted for the service that we give in The Swapshop. And the service is the building, intake, organizing and ironing the clothes. This service is given for each item in The Swapshop. After taking the swapped item home with you that service has been given and paid for. That’s why we do not refund the service fee. 

If you are not happy with our service! Please send us an email to joinus@the-swapshop.com explaining your experience. We will come back to you asap! 

If you are not happy with the item you brought home, you can swap it again in our shop! We will value your item as we explained above.  

Do my swaps stay valid for my next visit? 

Yes, your swaps stay valid for your next visits. Your old point cards are still valid in our new shop(s) and you can use the swaps on your point cards in all locations of The Swapshop AND during events. You can also donate your points to other swappers. 



Swapping is such a great alternative to fast fashion, with all of its devastating effects on the planet. I never shop at H&M or Mango without feeling guilty of contributing to an unjust system where we benefit of the cheap prices over the backs of the factory workers who are not paid fairly.
Consumerism has us fooled into buying so much shit we don’t need. But then again.. We love to switch up our look somethimes, so swapping is a great creative alternative! And I absolutely love the commmunity the swapshop has created!



I love slow fashion. Consumerism is causing so much inequality in the world. I no longer want to be part of the system that promises you happiness each time you buy something new. The Swapshop is great for guilt free shopping. I try to have only items in my wardrobe that make me feel good. Slow fashion is more than just shopping. It’s a way of live.

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