Why we swap?

We believe swapping can make the world a better place. We hope for a clean world without pollution and waste just being burned. Learn more about the clothing industry and why swapping is the new shopping!


No need to buy new

We buy more clothes than ever before. Most of it is fast fashion, meant to seduce people to buy more but lower quality clothes. Quantity and making profit before quality is the logic. This by changing the fashion trends quickly and producing clothes as cheaply as possible. It’s polluting our world immensely and it’s putting millions of people around the world in inhuman and unsafe conditions. By swapping, less newly produced clothes have to be bought! Trends will be back anyway. Besides that, we extend the lifespan of clothes. But also less clothes have to be discarded…….

Personal and high quality collection

With our current living standards, we do not only buy more, but also get rid of our clothes faster. The current system of collecting our textile waste is not sustainable. That is why we have created a different approach! By swapping, we collect your clothes in a personal way and give you value in return!
Because we collect clothes in a personal way, we can ensure that the clothes are usable either for reuse or for recycling. Next to that we see a lot of clothes still of good quality coming in. Swapping makes us aware of the clothes we have and that we first of all should use what we already have. And you can be sure that your clothes end up well…

Less waste by reusing and recycling

Most clothes collected through the clothing containers are being shipped to Africa and East- European countries. The business model of collectors is based on resale to traders. This is in our opinion not a sustainable solution. It seems that shipping is only a displacement of the problem.

We aim to do things differently. By swapping in The Swapshop, your handed in clothes get a sustainable destination. The biggest part of our incoming clothes is swapped and find it’s home in a new wardrobe. The other clothes get an alternative destination for donation to local charities, reuse and recycling. or end up in one of the products of our upcoming product line!


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