Our swapping adventure started in the beginning of 2018. We started organising small clothing swaps under the name Awearness Kollektif. The events started to be bigger with partners like BlueCity010 and Motel Mozaique. 

But we wanted more… because we knew events are not gonna change the linear system of consumption in the fashion industry. So we took the next step! On the 31th of August 2019 we celebrated the opening of our first swapshop in the centre of Rotterdam: A 4 month pop-up swapshop. 

Out of this inspiring adventure our current concept rose up. Together with an awesome community of conscious fashion lovers, we offer an alternative to find the coolest fashion items, to explore different styles and to keep your wardrobe updated.

Sanne Smit

Director Brand & Community

Me in a nutshell: Energetic, organized, self-aware, attentive. Doing my best to lose the adverb “too” in some peoples description of me, a little moderation never killed anyone haha! I believe in shifting from ‘doing things right’ to ‘doing the right things’. If you live true to yourself, the world will change accordingly and things will come more effortless.

I love both structure ánd creativity which sometimes seems like an odd combination. Diving deep to really understand the core of something that at first glance seems intangible (what drives human behavior) and then resurfacing with new insights to help The Swapshop grow into a strong brand that stimulates positive movement.

Crazy about kimono’s. And small colorful scarves. They take up approximately 90% of my wardrobe. Good thing for The Swapshop that functions as my extended closet to regularly spice things up a bit!

Laura Suijkerbuijk

Director Strategy & Development

I like to think in broad terms and the ‘bigger picture’. I want to understand the context and how systems work. What drives me is to get a grip on a problem and the real causes and underlying dynamics. That’s one of the reasons why I enjoy to build up The Swapshop! The fashion industry is a complex one which symbolizes a lot of nowadays phenomena. 

New insights and ideas gives me new positive energy and motivation. I enjoy to make new connections, envision how things should be and work together on an alternative to make things better! Another nice thing of starting The Swapshop is that it entails a lot of variety. Something I can always appreciate…

Khaled Hamadeh

Director Sales & Shopmanager

I am a men of details with eye for quality. I am always collecting beautiful clothes and accesories, but since I know about the negative impact of the fashion industry I have changed my buying behaviour. That’s why I love the concept of swapping! 

My years of experience in fashion and jewelery have teached me how to recognize and collect unique items. My work gave me a natural love for making connections with all different souls that visit my shops. I love to share my visions on fashion with others and I always let you leave from my shop with a happy feeling.

In The Swapshop I bring energy, love, peace and  good vibes. Come swap and dance with me in the shop and let me share with you my fashion tips!


Monique Drent

Director Network & Social Impact

I am a problem solver. I am creative, curious, stubborn and I always aim to create justice in the world around me. I love to make the impossible possible. I strive for the best and am learning to do this in a balanced way, healthy for me and the world around me. As a sociologist I bundle these personality traits with an observation mind and a sense of community. 

I love our The Swapshop community, the way we respect each other and the way we grow together into a proven concept with serious impact on environmental, social and personal level. By working together on our impact goals, we can use the simple concept of swapping clothes as a solution for the almost unsolvable problem of overconsumption. We can be a catalyst of change. And thats my dream.

Elsemieke Minnema

Projectmanager Digital Innovation & UX



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